I feel the spring season in the Lord…

We always say things happen in there right time and season.

Like me being healed from Asthma, I believed and knew I had to wait and here it is done and dusted. I have to say its lovely being able to breath.

But I know that I have been through the winter season and spring is almost here, this has also been spoken out in church. All I can say is yahoo, very exciting.

Be paitent and know that even if you go through autumn, then into winter.. This too shall pass, take the time to get to know the father, for this time will help you when spring comes. Use the darker times to learn and use it in the future.

Awesome things are ahead, I just know it.

Smile and hang on. At home I have a printed picture of a dragon fly hanging onto a stick, the darts of rain are firing at him. But he holds on, with his wings up, waiting for it to be over. The way I look at it, his wings up, is me with my sword and shield. And the devil firing weapons at me, but nothing will hurt me as long as I hang on.



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