Something simple can be so great

Yesterday my dear Pastor was speaking, what hit me was when he said, “Do you have substance?”.

Now this might not mean much but as I have said, think about it.

When I was little I thought to myself, what had I done so wrong, to have so much bad happen around me. This was the thinking of a small child. But now as an adult, I know what the devil mean for bad, I will let my father use for good.

But what struck me yesterday was, when you go through the really bad stuff. It makes you a person of SUBSTANCE.

Here I sit thinking the Lord knew what was ahead for me, he took the time to use that bad stuff to make me out of substance. For greater things that are ahead…

Sounds beautiful to me and it all seems so worth it now.

Be blessed and smile.. the sun is out here and its gonna be 24 degrees today, yahoo


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