Some thoughts can be diabolicale

I have probably spelt that wrong but doesnt matter.

When the devil sends you a memory, it can easily lead you in the wrong way. I know this to be true, sometimes I feel like I am being hit with a machine gun with thoughts.

What I do is TRUST, I trust that my father who has my plans before him cannot fail me. Because Jesus and God cannot lie.

So I keep going and I keep trusting and I shout out, ‘Shut up devil you have no power over me’.

I was made perfect in his eyes and as I read this morning. He is cleaning me up because he needs me and has great work for me to do. That seems so huge to me, because I do not think I am anything special.

But for some reason, as I have said before, ‘my name will be written down in the pages of history’. I dont know why or how but this is so strong right now.

He has hit the go button, where I end up I do not know. But I trust him with the journey, thats my key.


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