Be driven to the end…

I had someone stop by my home recently and something struck me.

“You never stop, your always moving forward” this simple statement made me stop for a minute. Seeing yourself through different eyes does give you enlightenment.

The reason is if I stop moving forward, then that’s it. Its all over rover, as the saying goes.

One of my kids said, “Mum why dont you move back too …..”. As I was talking to my dear friend, I just stated that going back is like giving up. And its something I cannot do, with everything in me there is no other option.

I am on course for my father and its beyond my reasoning to be able to move. How can I explain this more easily, I can move forward inside, without hesitation. Its like being breathing, I cannot live without doing. I am driven to meet him face to face, there is no plan b or another road, this is it.

So all I can say is, if you feel like something is missing then there probably is. Be like the blues brothers, and be on a mission from God.


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