What a great year to come…Happy New Year

Come on get excited, I sit here without a job and very little.

Truly I sit here, knowing that full-time employment is coming and a year to remember is one day closer.

The point I am trying to make is, its how you look at it. Turn the situation on its head and CHANGE.

Yes I know, sometimes we would rather roll around and sulk (Like a pig in mud). Really, I am speaking as much to myself as anyone, are you MAD!

What better than to grow and move into what the father has for you, to experience more than you could ever dream up for yourself. To marvel how he works out your life, if only you would let him be in control of it.

Come on, your better than that. Get with the program, computer’s were scary when they came out. Really, as easy as turning on a toaster. When you stop and think about it, life isn’t that hard, if you let him be in control.

All you have to do is hold on and enjoy the ride.


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