Challenge time, I think

I am going to challenge you and me. GAME?

What is holding you back, what is your stronghold?

Mine mostly is my weight, no I am not mega huge, but rather cuddly. This has been my crutch in many ways, but time to CHANGE is here.

Sometimes its our minds, that is the major hurdle, we seem to be so smart, truthfully, not really.

My mind is what is in charge of my eating pattern and that is about to CHANGE.

I am at the end, I have no more justification. No more excuses or tears, I have had it with myself.

Challenge to see what can happen in a month. That’s not much really, just be conscious of what your thinking, how you think and how you react to that thinking. Simple!

I admitted last night that most of the time, I would eat myself to a point of feeling sick, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the other feelings.

Again, you idiot, Jesus is willing to assist and that’s the best help of all, so what am I DOING.

CHANGE and CHALLENGE is required, are you game to TRY???????


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