Power to prevail

It says that god give you the power to prevail.

The power to tread on snakes and scorpions, that you have all power and authority.

On Sunday part of the discussion is how do you want the Lord in you life inwardly is the one I thought, but no, manifest presence.

If you believe in him, why would you not want to have him manifested in front of you. Wahoo, OMG, how awesome would that be, I thought having a relationship like the one I have with him would be enough. But no, there is so much more, why not go for gold.

I loved it on Sunday when the speaker used the phone as an example. He said how he use to have a 3G phone and using internet was so slow, he said www stands for wait, wait, wait. That was so funny, but then he explained how the Lord wants to take us into the 4G network.

Think about it, we are about to hit a time when the seasons on earth will no longer rule our lives. We will be on his time frame, how absolutely excellent. I can’t even comprehend the full impact of that, but knowing its on its way is yay Lord, go for it, do it.

Get ready, get set, lets go….


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