Amazing what can happen….

I have been checking on things with this little blog and I am absolutely amazed that you are reading it.

As I sit here thinking I am not any more special than anyone else, but what makes me different is the love for my father.

Sitting here with tears in my eyes, loving him so very much it is what makes me tick. I don’t know if I have ever told you but, I have never loved any worldly man, yes because of the hurt I endured in my past. I have never let myself or found anyone who deserved the love I had to give. You build up a wall to protect what has been left untouched just to survive.

I don’t think its sad, but how special is it that the Lord has been my first love. So very special is he, so when I finally meet the man who the Lord has prepared for me, I don’t know how I will act or react but it is something special to look forward too.

Amazing how my life has turned around that the Lord, was able to change me and flip the switch. My life has changed so very much it amazes me, sitting here if you require a change just trust the process and learn from each new thing that comes along.

One thing I know for sure is if you just surrender and say ok, I repent and you lead the way. You get to here, amazed at just how far you come, change is a wonderful thing if you let it.

I use to be so very different, but when I was baptised the old me died. Hallelujah


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