Apology time

If you ever read and there may be any error, sorry but I am always in a rush.

I cannot at times type fast enough, for what is pouring out of me.

I was told once to just get it out, don’t worry about spell check till later.

I am human after all……… ūüôā

Learn sometimes to take your hands off

That was the message from God last week when we hit another level.

Sometimes it is hard, all I know is when my father gives me a direction. I am not smart enough to question it, so I just do.

Remember he knows my end from my being, so just make sure its him speaking and all is well in the world.

Why I said make sure its him, remember the devil is trying to make you slip up so you must be on guard. He can be sneaky, so have your sword and your shield at the ready.

Be blessed and know that the love I have with my father, its there for you. He loves you, but will not mess with free will.

Remember the movie Bruce Almighty some things in it were funny, but true.


Trust him only

Are you one of those people who, tries to fix things, or work it out, then do what you think needs to be done?

At times I am (be honest with yourself), I know that I do not know it all.

I am not God, so to myself, I say, shut up, sit down and pay attention.

I think we all can learn from this.

You know what your made of when pushed

This week, wow. I had to learn a new data base and a website, all I can say is thank God for him helping me retain the information.

I am being stretched beyond anything I thought I may have been capable of. And I could only do it, knowing that my dad is with me.

I have been so touched¬†this past week, my spiritual dad gave me a call (he is not a man to waste his breath, sounds a lot like me) when I needed it most. Now if you read my past blog’s then you know why, why this has such an enormous impact.

To have someone who you love and respect, fill a void that has been their all my life. Its the most precious gift I have been given, to date.

My love for what the Lord has given me goes beyond any words I can write, but it touches my heart with the greatest impact. He knows that I have surrendered to him and he fill every void that I had.

Getting to know my father (Jesus) intimately is my greatest treasure. Yes I have a way to go and I can never be perfect but I am so very willing to do and be what he needs from me.

I sit here with tears rolling down my face because I am trying to convey the overwhelming presence that he fills within me.

One thing I would love to conquer is to know the bible. How can one little book be so hard. But when it opens up like a childs pop up book it can be the most awesome read.

Actually that’s one thing I said to someone this week, the church I attend goes into what he is saying, what was written and the message the God wants us to hear today.

Its Official

Yes the news that may surprise you, I know it is a surprise to me.

This blog is now on the Church website, oh lord (panic). LOL

No, as long as I keep remembering this is for my father, all will stay right with the world.

So if you go to River of Fire Ministries, Sunbury you will find it.

Updates will soon be made to this site also, keep watching this space LOL, I am having a funny day, sorry about that.

Today is the day

Every time I need assistant, I think inside myself and say.

This is the day the lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it.

Yesterday in class religion was discussed, all I know is I do not count myself as religious.

I see myself as my fathers daughter, its not so much about the bible.

What it is about is my relationship with him. And that is the most precious thing to me.

Yesterday was a suprising day

I started out feeling a little down and not myself. Which we all feel at times, I am sure.

I came home at lunch time, for a quick bite. Now please know I am not putting myself in the lime light here.

A few weeks ago there was a sign placed in front of a house, someone had stolen her garden ornaments. Now most would think, so! But my heart went out if they took the time to right the sign then there is a reason.

The ladies daughter I read yesterday in our local paper was murdered and this Saturday is her birthday. What I did when I read the sign was, think right what can I do to turn this around, not knowing the story.

I remembered I had in my garden an echidna made of cement, so off I go and left it on the ground where their front door was. I left it with a little note, to say that I care. Yesterday I looked inside the front cover of the paper and here is her story, but the lovely thing was, it read.

Ms xxx said a little faith in humanity had been restored when a good Samaritan left an ornament on her doorstep. “Someone left a little echidna outside with a note that just said from somebody that cares, which was a really caring thing to do.”

My point is we all have power to change things, this was mine. I was not going to let the devil win this one, I have plans and they will not be denied. I don’t need to be congratulated, I took ownership of being able in a small way to turn this around.

The other was a friend gave me for my birthday a new outfit, something I would not pick myself but I tried it on and loved it. Even more because of the thought that went into it.

Why be a know it all…

It’s funny you can talk to people and they seem to know everything about everything.

My answer is simple, you do not know my father, intimately.

You are doing all the talking but none of the listening.

You may think you are, but really you’re not.

I know this because I acted like a know it all, and you never know all. Things change all the time and you learn every day, let the father lead your day.

See what you can learn that may challenge your thinking today.

Be blessed