Yesterday was a suprising day

I started out feeling a little down and not myself. Which we all feel at times, I am sure.

I came home at lunch time, for a quick bite. Now please know I am not putting myself in the lime light here.

A few weeks ago there was a sign placed in front of a house, someone had stolen her garden ornaments. Now most would think, so! But my heart went out if they took the time to right the sign then there is a reason.

The ladies daughter I read yesterday in our local paper was murdered and this Saturday is her birthday. What I did when I read the sign was, think right what can I do to turn this around, not knowing the story.

I remembered I had in my garden an echidna made of cement, so off I go and left it on the ground where their front door was. I left it with a little note, to say that I care. Yesterday I looked inside the front cover of the paper and here is her story, but the lovely thing was, it read.

Ms xxx said a little faith in humanity had been restored when a good Samaritan left an ornament on her doorstep. “Someone left a little echidna outside with a note that just said from somebody that cares, which was a really caring thing to do.”

My point is we all have power to change things, this was mine. I was not going to let the devil win this one, I have plans and they will not be denied. I don’t need to be congratulated, I took ownership of being able in a small way to turn this around.

The other was a friend gave me for my birthday a new outfit, something I would not pick myself but I tried it on and loved it. Even more because of the thought that went into it.


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