You know what your made of when pushed

This week, wow. I had to learn a new data base and a website, all I can say is thank God for him helping me retain the information.

I am being stretched beyond anything I thought I may have been capable of. And I could only do it, knowing that my dad is with me.

I have been so touched this past week, my spiritual dad gave me a call (he is not a man to waste his breath, sounds a lot like me) when I needed it most. Now if you read my past blog’s then you know why, why this has such an enormous impact.

To have someone who you love and respect, fill a void that has been their all my life. Its the most precious gift I have been given, to date.

My love for what the Lord has given me goes beyond any words I can write, but it touches my heart with the greatest impact. He knows that I have surrendered to him and he fill every void that I had.

Getting to know my father (Jesus) intimately is my greatest treasure. Yes I have a way to go and I can never be perfect but I am so very willing to do and be what he needs from me.

I sit here with tears rolling down my face because I am trying to convey the overwhelming presence that he fills within me.

One thing I would love to conquer is to know the bible. How can one little book be so hard. But when it opens up like a childs pop up book it can be the most awesome read.

Actually that’s one thing I said to someone this week, the church I attend goes into what he is saying, what was written and the message the God wants us to hear today.


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