Everyday in everyway

I think its funny, but also inspiring that every day, if your paying attention and in every way you can learn.

Something my mother once said, before she died, “Bronie you never stop learning“.

I think she was surprised at the words, even as she was voicing them. But it is so true, like the other day with the horses, I learnt to face fear head on.

Now I never again expected to be that close to a horse, so I just went about my days not thinking about, fear.

But that day I learnt more about myself than any other that week. I grew that little bit more and laughed along the way.

Like today went to a class, two young men said, they didn’t eat breakfast. The doctors are on to them about their health issues, ones response was I am fit, I can run (yada yada yada).

They missed the point entirely, you not eating the nutrition, your missing the point. What you are doing is justifying your actions, so you can continue. You have blinkers on and you cannot see the leaves for the trees.

The point is breakfast is important, why because it is, breaking the fast.

You fast over night and your body gets rid of the waste when you wake up, so it needs refuelling. That’s it, no excuses, no comment, it is what it is.

I think sometimes I am the only one to see the obvious, this reminds me of the day I was watching a program. Professionals were asked what is wet? Simple I thought, WATER. They named everything but.


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