The finish line is so close, I can feel it

I have been sitting at my computer all week, working on my course and I am so close to the finish line I can taste it.

This course which will give me two certificates when I am done, it has been a battle royal.

It is never easy when you choose to follow the Lord, the devil tries everything and anything to get you off course. He uses family, health, your mind and even technology to stop you.

As you know from before I will not be stopped, yes I have had a few set backs health wise. But the victory is in pushing through, I have had a year to remember because that is how long it has taken me.

The devil will do anything to try to make me not succeed, the funny thing is, he is so stupid, in my father’s word it plainly says, he has lost.

I look at it as if he is taking his last few breaths, and ending his reign, that is a driving point that keeps me motivated. As I have told you before he has even tried to end my life, I have won already because I am my father’s daughter.

It does not matter what happens in the process, as long as I have the love for my father and progress is being made, then my father wins every time.

I feel like this level is almost finished and I am about to go onto the next. One thing I know, you must learn the lessons the Lord has for you on every level (which I have seen mine as a clear staircase, every time I step up, ding the step lights up).

I love pushing through and succeeding because I know it’s for my father, I am driven to succeed because the finish line is so close, I can feel it.


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