I am going to go after and touch his garment

One thing that has been in my prayer is healing, I am not sick for any other reason than to learn a lesson.

When you don’t have to strive you get lazy, slack and take the easy way around. That is what happened to me, my father wanted to save me, so he had to pull me up, make me stop and think about what I have been doing. This I can see as clear as a bell.

You may think, oh that’s not nice, but think a minute. I am not going to die, and healing is mine for the taking. What I have to do is push and be determined that in touching my fathers garment (like the woman with the issue of blood) healing will be mine.

One thing I know is my inheritance he has for me, can be pulled down and I can have this on the earth. So look out for the blog that says, IT IS DONE. I love it when he works a miracle, because no mind can justify or work out how it happened and that stops an unbeliever.

Doctors in many ways are like that, they trust the way they have been trained, but I know my dad and doctors are used by him.

I am sitting getting so excited, having a half hour break before I finish my course off. What I needed to do was inspire you, it’s never too late, never give up, because my father never runs out on me.

He can do what you can’t, just surrender and leave it to him, and enjoy the ride. Its better than any roller coaster you could ever be on and so much more fun because it never ends.

Its up to you and me, to lesson the ups and downs. Smile and get happy.


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