Warning.. for you

Have you ever thought, oh I will do it later, or even go next week.

Have you said to the Lord, not today, next time.

When we need him we EXPECT him to be ready for us, to help with whatever road block we sometimes (most of the time) create ourselves.

Any of this sound familiar, trust me when I say, I am telling myself off.

Get your butt moving, he doesn’t take a break, so why do YOU think you can?

Get over yourself, stop putting up blockages and (sorry for the bluntness) get your ass in the boat.

No, not next week or next time, these are EXCUSE and times up.

EXCUSES are used by babies, shut up and move into what he has for you. STOP letting the devil use your family, job or house.


HE IS MAKING A COMMAND, not a request.

Stop justifying your life decisions, give it purpose and direction.

Go on what have you got to loose? (I think you know)


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