Fear is an illusion

I once was a person full of fear, quiet, reserved, shy etc etc.

He has changed me so very much and I have nothing but gratitude. I feared everything, speaking up, making a decision, you name it I had it.

I was softly spoken and shy, hated groups or meeting new people. I was never bold, does any of this sound familiar?

I am now, FEARLESS. Fear a hold of the devil and I will not fear. Trust me when I say, “it’s only in your mind” (don’t go jumping out of a plane). The devil tries to control you with doubt, but the Lord stands their and says, TRUST IN ME.

Last night I realized something, if I was in a boat on water and the Lord said, Trust me get out and walk towards me, I could.

Do you realize the magnitude of this? I am in that place, this is awesome. What he has ahead, I don’t know, but I have no fear of it, only excitement. He knew my end from the very beginning, he has my plans, all he wants was me to surrender and TRUST.

I remember when I stepped over my fear, it was really like just stepping on new ground, what is scary about that? And only good has come forth since.

He has entrusted me with these gifts, I have flipped the switch and moved to the opposite of what held me back.

I wouldn’t be writing this if he hadn’t, TRANSFORMED my life.


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