God is sweet & so funny

Here I am again seeing the funny side to something.

Went to see another doctor today (I found him rude, but I will sort him out), prayed before and asked God to be with me on this journey and give them the keys to right, what is wrong.

Note: I went with my Pastor, she is like a dear mother, friend and everything all rolled into one. She is the most wonderful person, best thing I ever did, was when we had one of our heart to hearts and say, “I give you permission to say what ever you need to, to correct me”  because I know when God is using her, to correct me and its done with so much love. That’s why I love and respect her so much for that, I think that is so important, to be open and not afraid of hurting someone, I get ahead and say go for it (I know it’s for my good, so why delay the message).

Anyway here I am getting off track, she said God’s angels were in the room. I have seen this white flash at times and I too, saw something. I know he sent in the troops and I know because I have said, that’s it, I want this done and fixed, he is sending in the troops on my behalf.

You know something, when you are on this journey and you know with everything you are that you cannot deviate from it. When your family turns away because they don’t agree and you are standing alone, he is so very mindful, because he knows, you have made the conscious choice and he will honour that. And let me get something straight, right here and right now, it is not because of the church I am in (people will use things like for example, you are controlled by the church, sorry but Baah Humbug), it’s because of this powerful love, I have for him, that has grown overtime on my journey to where I am today. He put me where I am, he is in control and the church is in me, I am supposed to be his vessel. People get so off course, they confuse themselves, sometimes. I may not be making sense to you, but this could turn into a long conversation.

Their are times when, I have asked him to just hold me at night, till I fall asleep, sometimes a girl just needs a hug.

When I do this, I feel this warmth surround me, so much comforting and peaceful. He is their and I know this because a friend said to me, I see Jesus hugging you at night in bed (she didn’t know, but I filled her in).

He has surrounded me with another sort of family, one of his choosing. I follow him, but they are the icing on the cake.

In time people will see what I have and they will want it. Time is a very interesting thing, and time will tell, I was shown when I was younger (by him) how my worldly family put me down to believe I wasn’t worth anything and how when I was older this would be turned, that they would be falling over themselves to be known by me.

God has everything in hand, remember he knew my end from the beginning. And you have to admit he does fabulous work.

He is so sweet to me and these doctors have no idea what they have on their hands, this is gonna be funny.


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