If money never existed…

I use to think about this when I was little, because I was told we were in a class, there were poor, middle class and rich.

But, when I thought if money did not exist how much better off we would be. Those who believe money is power, are fooled.

When you see a system in place to withhold or segregate you into a class. Who on earth has that power, only those we give it too, that is who.

I am classed by my love of my father, not the money in my account or what I own.

I use to want to be rich and win the lotto, because I believed the lie, but now, I know better.

I am neither, poor, middle class, but I am wealthy because of my love for him, so do not class me, by what I choose wear or not wear, whether I wear makeup or not.

The worlds measure, will never measure me, because I know I am his daughter, I am greater than the world and I choose him always.

So, regardless of it all, I am me.


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