When is the obvious going to be made law….

Recently here, we have had hackers and scammers go nuts.

Problem is, if it doesn’t touch the government, there is no change.

But, I stand on this, if you have a site, then you must hold a protocol, of if its sick, bulling etc, then you need to let the law enforcement have access to be able to find these people.

I do not believe that allowing individuals to hide behind a screen is ok, for how is that not ok if they are going after your children, I believe strong action and laws should be put in place.

It is like a recent news report, 2 dogs who were bullmastiff, a lady was out walking her dog, had her baby strapped to her, these dogs kept trying to attack her and the baby and mauled her dog, which was on a lead.

The owner, said to the reporter she knew and the reason, she couldn’t walk them, sorry but when you own an animal, then you must be responsible, even if that means, either putting them down, or giving them away in a animal shelter to be tested.

I am glad she can face a fine of $20,000 dollars, I am sorry it comes to that, but imagine if a child was riding a bike by themselves, it could have been a lot worse and a dog, once blood is tasted, changes. Training needs to happen to not only the dog, but the owners in general…

Maturity, logic and responsibility are being lost and not for the better…

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