How things can just click in…

Sometimes I begin to pray in tongues, sometimes I pray with a tune, it causes me to go into a realm that is awesome.

On Wednesday unusual music was played, it was the same tune, that I had been praying and worshiping too the week prior.

So, how amazing when things, just click. I love and appreciate my father Jesus, I am always thankful, when I ask for a parking space, or chat about something and he finds a way to make it happen.

I am amazed, bless and humbled by these occurrences, because it shows me his love and that he has me.

We get so bogged down with, trying to make things happen, we forget to stop and hand it to him. We forget to let him father us, but also, we have to be mature enough, to accept it, when we don’t receive.

It comes down to love and relationship, who is the most important in your life.

Simple, HE IS

Yesterday I remembered, how my mother said, that she always wanted me to be her friend, and before she went, our relationship was that of mutual respect and honor, yes there were traits from whom she lived with, but her true self was what we shared and valued.

The same with the lady who recently passed, when she walked in my door, the father was present, when she was allowed to just be, let out what she needed too, and just be, whom she could in a trusted environment. I don’t mean anything bad or special, just free, because if you cannot provide a relationship with those, whom you respect most in your life, and just take, then its not one sided.

Working on these relationships, I believe trains you, for your relationship with him. You must make the space for free access, a trusted place of knowing that what goes on, a secret space that is between you and him, in trust, and will go no further.

That is what is required, decorum, trust, honor and love.


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