Change is possible…

My last post, was a date to remember. And since I have had issues trying to log in, maybe I was hacked, who knows..

Anyway, since then its been like an extreme, remake or release of the true me, or as I was told, the little girl who was hidden.

I have gone into my cloths, and I was wearing things that I will not put back on (two and a half garbage bags gone). It was like I didn’t feel like I deserved to feel nice, because in a lot of ways, I did not. I ask father that finances and abundance is now released, because I need a new mattress & shoes (I have only two that don’t hurt my feet & one I do not want to wear other than around the yard) & I know I deserve it, not because it will take precedence over him.

But something I must shout, loud and clear, change is possible, to those who believe.

I got up, with this knowing feeling that it was a really good day, and when I ask the father for something, I know it will happen and when it does, I must let, all that needs to happen, flow freely.

Many things I had hidden, because I didn’t feel like I was allowed to have it on show, what a lie.

It is like night and day, and the weird thing is, but weird in an excellent way is, I cannot think the old way, I tried yesterday and nothing. The way I would speak, to guard myself is gone, I no longer feel the need to hide behind my weight either, I feel so light, it is truly amazing.

Yesterday I noticed, instead of feeling small and shrunken-ed, I felt myself stretch and stand tall. All this is amazing and so wonderful.

I have kept on about trust, trust the father, trust the process, trust his plan for your life and go with it. For if you have truly surrendered all, then he will give you all he desires for you. And Lord, bring it on…

With everything, coming out the other side, the best was the baptism. What you say, I was standing with a calm ocean in front of me, the girls on either side, we went in little by little, I felt the dip, the water, I heard the air, the whoosh, everything.

Then I came up, I saw the surface dancing like diamonds, then realized, & heard, that through pressure a diamond is formed. The funny thing was when I opened my eyes, three figures were on my sofa, laughing, so happy & free, & this now, is me.

And I am his, DIAMOND


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