Have you got it in you to push……

I am in a way talking about child birth, I remember it, not the excruciating pain, but the determination, that my body was doing what it was built for, all I had to do was roll with it.

My mum taught me, if you want change, make it happen, do not take no for an answer.

So lately, trying to get my spelt flour in stores, I am on a mission. I will not just go to the health food shop, they cost a fortune.

What I will do is prod, persistently, I said to the company, where I have shared my best recipes, I will move that mountain, watch me.

I do not take it as a dare, or challenge, but my knowing of who I am in Christ, what is available to me and I will have it.

When I push, I make sure I have my ammunition, why, you do not go into a meeting without your homework, do you.

Nope, you get your evidence, you back it up and you make sure, you do it professionally and with sensible reasoning, taking emotion out of it.

It is the same when you surrender, yes I cry sometimes, full of love for the father, but when I stand on his word, there are no holes bared, I have no fear, no doubt and knowledge that he rules in my life.

With that power, you stand with him all the way and your possibilities are endless.

Push the enemy out of your life, and tell him get stuffed.


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