The illusion of control

You see nations trying to control their people, but instead why not see themselves as custodians of grace.

I remember seeing a cartoon once where this nut, wanted to take over the world.

Control is an illusion, this is the truth.

The world was created by God, then he created Adam and Eve for them to do his will over the earth.

Not someone who has lost the plot and sees themselves as a king, There is only one, the Alpha and Omega, the one and only, build your nation on good, not evil thoughts.

Do good for the planet, we only have one, and stop abusing it along with your people. Brain washing does not give you power, but shows your weakness.

I know who has the ultimate power and that is my father, he knows my end date, he knows my plan, he knows me and I have free will, for he will not push me, but he will steer me if I ask for his help.

In that, lye’s the difference, for those without freedom of speech, you have freedom of belief, belief in Christ. And remember your end is the only important thing, no one can take that from you or kill it.

Those who are murdering Christians, to try and destroy Christ, evidence shows he was here, he still lives and this earth is his, so I would not mess with something so great (and more will fill their space, killing them only strengthens the reality of truth) it is incomprehensible for your worldly brain to fathom. And why do you need to kill them, what do they hold that scares you so much, thinking of destroying them, do you think will set you free, foolish thinking, it only entraps you more.

I feel the need to pray, pray that truth, freedom and liberty reins for all in oppression….


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