I hit my wall…

I have been in unspeakable amounts of pain, and other than curling up in a ball and moaning.

All else I could do is pray for the Don, and by the way, it ain’t over, the Lord will have his way, so hang on America. Whether he is in office or not, your gonna get a big shock.

Now back to why I have remained quiet, I had to come to the end of myself, by that I mean hit the wall.

After this happens, I see my spirit turn and face what I need to face and fight my way out, with him by my side. For I know I could not do it alone, I could’t think straight.

Before this happened I cried to the Lord, LOUDLY, I said, “Lord you say in your word, that YOU WILL restore health to me, YOU said you would always LOOK AFTER ME, YOU SAID IT and I demand that you do it”.

And once you do this and he gives you a way out, you gotta take it (even if you don’t see how), for if you don’t, its like slapping him in the face, and that is not something I will ever do.

I saw my emphatic doctor, who I see for the girly parts, but she is key to my healing. I have had stomach pain & back pain, I find if I eat bread or pasta or wheat, I get to feeling sickly etc and every movement is one you don’t want to do, feeling so fatigued I just couldn’t explain it before, or wanted to put it into words, for I felt I would crumble.

But he picked me up and sent in his army, so step by step I now see light at the end of what has been a very very long tunnel, finally, I felt I was hanging on by a thread.

Pain can pull you down and it did for a time, but I believed his word, I hung onto hope and thank the Lord he heard my small shout, that got bigger and bigger.

I kept demanding, I was crying out for him to help me and I believe the road I am now on, is right.

Step one tick…


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