When you say, I trust you with my life, a test comes

Something happened on Christmas eve and they found out I was very sick internally, in emergency after my doctor begged me.

Anyway the glitch it is, by his Grace, I can still see, so far so good.

I have trusted him with my son and daughters life and now again at this time, its mine.

I cannot tell you what I have been diagnosed with (that ain’t the point), but lets just say, he will win for me.

I will not go down without a fight and I know how to fight, I will win, because my dad has me.

Loosing in not in my vocabulary, winning is, I know he has me, I have felt his presence.

He loves me and will keep me safe, but if you feel the need, battle is called, the war is on and I am at the front, set to fight to win.

The enemy hates that fact and I am so glad he does, I am so glad that my strength causes him unrest.

I am my dad daughter, I know what I am capable of, I am here to stay for eternity. And when I fight, I will use every lesson learned in my arsenal to win….


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