Leaders of the world have to change

I have seen over this year, many leaders of nations, not stand up and speak truth.

Seeing sheer stubbornness, self righteousness, communism (not allowing freedom of speech or belief-does Hitler come to mind hmmmm) at its finest. And if you don’t like it, stop imports, who looses, you do, not us, we are in his hands and he will not fail.

When will they realise, we all live on the same planet, which we need to respect, we cannot keeping asking for more and more (there is only so much to go around), and not realise the damage we each do, everyday.

You see they forget, who put them there and who they are working for. We the people….

If you make a mistake, you own it, (or man up as the saying goes) even if its called Covid, saying your sorry and taking responsibility is your greatest strength.

Refusing to admit your errors is your greatest weakness, and your downfall. And do not try and use intimidation on anyone especially your own country, because you have no right.

But when you work and are put there by the father, then you must follow his direction and lead, he is in control not you. Trump is, even if you don’t like him, too bad, he is doing the fathers direction. If you have a problem, then maybe you need to realise, your battle is you not realising this fact.

When you get a big head and think your the best or most powerful, he shows you, you are not.

If you want to grow, thrive and be part of his sons, he will tell you what you have to do…


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