He gave me gifts, I wished for

Not only did my father give me a gift last night, but presents that I really hoped for.

Three things, which reminds me of the three wise men, he keeps showing me this.

I wanted a Faberge egg, which I love. I also hoped for Nivea Q10 and a satin pillow case and mask.

Three things from three different people, what I love most is his thought of me, thinking of me, knowing that I am here. Fighting everyday to get stronger and do his work, having faith beyond its simple word.

Putting the knowledge into each one, what an amazing thing to happen, think about it. This doesn’t happen in the world, but it happens to me.

Why, because I trust him with my life, all of me, when I am all in, I am all in.

I am blessed to have those people around me, I am blessed to know even when a call goes out, he sends in his army.

How wonderful is that, how absolutely amazing, wonderful and humbling…if only the world knew my most treasured possession is his love….


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