Freedom of speech – America stand & pray

I have read our constitution and words from Americas is that your suppose to have freedom of speech and liberty.

WHERE IS IT???? freedom to have your vote counted. Hmmmm

So when votes are being cancelled out (so bad), people are pushing there weight around intimidating those who are suppose to be free to have there voice heard.

Really get a grip, I watch sometimes and think, what a joke, because I am sure they say things, just to sound better than they really are. I watch a 77 year old dirty old man, don’t be fooled & why isn’t someone protecting those young girls, someone has to shout NOW.

AGAIN IT IS NOT FINISHED, trust me when I say if witches are up praying at night, then you need to pray, you do not want a cursed nation under the control of the enemy.

Donald has been picked to clean things up, yes he may play with the media. But I watch and listen and see, see what others do not.

Trust the masters plan, do not get confused by personality.
Remember it says, “I will take the foolish to confound the wise”.

So if you fear anything, fear your freedom and pray for the Don.

TRUST TRUST TRUST, I have been praying all the time.

Because I have dealt with the bad and you DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.


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