To not be blind

In this day and age, there are many times we just go along with things and never question them.

Someone has made a rule to live by and we just keep carrying on.

But I question, like I did when I worked in the business world. Who made the rule, why can’t you stand up and question who made the rule.

We have things set in motion and so many times people just will not say, hang on a minute and stop and think or research and pray.

I see things behind words people speak, I see through there eyes to inside. I do not know how, I know I can see the hidden things.

So if I am gifted to do this, then I have to make sure I speak up.

I am in no way a causer of trouble, but if I am required to say, hang on a minute, then that is what I will do.

I know my rights as the daughter of the king of kings, I know what is coming, because he knows I know the meaning of decorum, wisdom and holding my tongue.

I know when to share with the Pastor only, I know when to share with individuals, I know when to shut up and wait.

And I am like a archivist, its there its just no one but a chosen few know where to find it…


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