How he works, gently

I use to be one, that I would go at something like a mallee bull, Aussie saying. (Get out of my way I am coming through)

If there was something to be done, I would make sure it was to the very end.

Now I see how the father has worked on my life, so gently and softly. He knew I was willing, he heard my prayer, he heard me and was glad that I was willing to move forward. Even if there was pain, he knew I would do what I needed to do, knowing I could trust him.

My greatest gift was his trust, he gave it back to me when I asked and I always work on the knowledge if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

I have asked for the reset button to be pressed, I have asked for him to fix and show me what I needed to move forward.

And believe me when I say, I needed to do it. I had to work through all the garbage and crap that was affecting the way I lived today and I cannot be used by him.

Unless I do what is needed and with that I will face it all willingly.

I have noticed my cloths getting looser, I feel my body settling into what it should be and I am happy that its done via the father’s course.

If you just trust him, he can restore you in so many ways, he loves you, he has tried me and visited me, he has seen my heart and he knows what I am made of.

With that I move onto the next step and I am so very humbled by it, I never wish to talk much about what has happened or what I do daily. But when I feel him I have too, to share what love you can receive by his presence in your life.


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