Many times you repeat, reset time

Many times I say just in general, its not about wealth in money. Its about him giving you what you not only desire, but also for you achieving his levels.

Like a proud dad, he wants to give. But we hold him back, by words, by being proud full.

So I reset and know, that whatever and whenever my dad sees fit, I am ready.

Money means nothing, I have no desire, but I do have an expectation of climbing closer to him.

And with that if finance comes, he knows that it is less than breath. He is all I want, and I know he will show through me to others just how to love him.

Love will give me the desire of my heart, it will give me life more abundantly, not like the world but his way.

Just trust, rest in him and have peace, knowing he has got you.

That is all you need to know.



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