Knowing that your OK, but is your SOUL?

There have been times in life where I did not think I was OK.

Why, because the enemy kept telling me I wasn’t, that caused all sorts of problems.

I have been reading a book given to me for Christmas the person was instructed and lets say, his timing is perfect.

You see, I thought if I acted like I was confident, happy etc etc, and showed not sign of weakness or neediness then I was OK. Wrong, how wrong I did not realise, when required I have stopped and action-ed the parts required. Not just he declarations in the book. But face things, not wash it under the rug, for the SOUL is crying out to be healed.

What many do not understand is if you never get taught how, then your stuck in limbo flaying in the wind. Thinking you’ve got it together, by not facing it.

I never knew how to say, I don’t like that or don’t agree. I was on auto being a yes person. And even that I wasn’t really aware of.

So, I got fat, yes lets put out the rubbish, to protect myself from men. You get to a certain size and become invisible yay but your so not happy.

But what I realised this weekend, I got big to have an inbuilt airbag to protect myself from everyone. And I do not have too, because my dad will sort out any attacks on me.

All I have to do is hold onto the faith I have, and I was reading wondering if I had enough and someone stopped in and said,  God told them to “go see Bronie, tell her she is a great woman of faith”.

What a blessing, so I continue on, getting it right and learning how to move forward and not look back.

But knowing that if anyone crosses my path the Lord will show me how to share, to help the person I come in contact with and use what was used against me for his glory.

Be willing to accept you learn everyday, but he has the right time to bring you forward. Just go with the flow, no biggie…


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