Trust what is the key

If you don’t trust, then trust will turn into rust.

Think about it, as you may have known reading old posts, Trust was taken but the lord put it back in.

I have never forgotten my child like reaction, for being as a little child you get it.

So I keep it safe, because I trust him in all I do.

Recently another job gone, do I panic, no way. I trust him to take care of my needs, does the word not say so.

He won’t bless a greedy person, but he blesses me all the time. I love him, he is my dad.

When you get their, his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. Why because I am learning how to engage to bring it so.

Their is such a big arena that many don’t know, but I am hungry for him. And he feeds the hungry.

So, I live in the world, I am not of it. I believe the word, but you must know the world, not just parrot it on. You have got to be his friend, his one and only.

Then he gives so so much… trust


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