I know I have broken through

Today I quickly regretted going out without checking myself, but hey it takes time and money to get back on deck.

I saw a sibling, that always dress’s well, but looks down the nose at others. I saw, the person stop turn look at what I was doing and give a stern look and turn and left the shop.

All I said was, “cranky woman” I am not condemned by what they may think. I know where I stand, and very soon I will dress how I feel inside.

Once I get my hair done, eyebrows and its a few degrees warmer, I will shine like the sun.

The enemy holds nothing over me, cloths are starting to fall off my butt and I am excited for what is to come.

I will never look down on anyone, for it is not my place, my father loves everyone, but he also gives them a choice, a choice to choose.

I am running my own race here and I love where I am at, I have moved into the light and I am warming up.

I pray all are blessed by my positive words.


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