I love the simple things…

I love making a jam for someone, or making do with what I have, or making something out of abundance.

Lately I have been trying to figure out a fruit cake recipe that would be modernised but not have orange peel and cherries, yeuk.

So here I am on my third, I research and look at many recipes before I start trying it out. Seriously, I need my husband to turn up, but I do have great fun, doing what I call improvements.

As a child the simple things were treasured, recipes were lost but I am determined to find my way and as we have forgotten true flavour, I am determined to bring it back.

The best ingredient of all in anything I do is put the LOVE in. I show love in growing things for people or giving them something they may have mentioned, if I can and it warms the fuzzy’s in me and makes my spirit fly.

Strawberry Jam is a hit, lemon marmalade, yummo, now if only I could make the fruit cake right, I will have won for this year.

And if I do not get a chance, thank you for being you and I hope something I shared was a benefit to your life with our father…


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