Pre admission

Yesterday I went in for my pre-admission appointment, operation next week please keep me in your prayers Wednesday.

I am so single minded at times but I want to be out the other side. I am over this thing and its gotta go, its not that I don’t understand the situation. But I choose to believe my father, the last appointment was with the anaesthetic guy. I said to him I believe in the Lord and he was with me last time, he will be there again, I told him that he has saved me many times and I am not going anywhere. He smiled and said, its nice to hear someone who has faith and believes you don’t hear much of that anymore. So sad, but I will glorify my king, my father, my friend and the one and only. I am too far along in my life to care what people think, the only one I care about what they think is the King of kings.

I saw 6 different people and went to the vampires (its a family joke for blood) Yes your going to do this, yes I understand, No I do not agree that anything will go wrong.

I am the exception not the rule. I am my fathers daughter. Lets get this pain gone and recovery on its way.



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