I prayed for Donald…

I use to not like Donald because I joined in on what the world was saying, but I woke up and saw what and how the Lord is using him.

God’s garbologist is hard at work, I was shown today that peer pressure is not only at school. Bullies grow into adults and learn the sneaker way to reek havoc.

But the wise see them for what they are, so today I prayed, the Lord is using Donald to stand against that Kim, because he wants his people to be free and have a right to be heard.

Donald is the man, he has the balls to say to the world and stand for them to say, no I will not let you intimidate me, for I have the king of kings on my side and he is directing my path.

Finally I see someone like me, peer pressure at school, I confronted and shut it down. All it takes is you to be willing to say, NO WAY. My life is the destiny of Jesus plan and you have no POWER to say otherwise.

YAHOO, get empowered….

The lion is being to roar…

Today I was able to get myself to prayer meeting, I came away feeling the mantle placed on my head.

So I came home and interceded and prayed for those in my family, the ground is going to move from underneath them. Change is coming and the rebuild will happen.

I will take nothing less, for I am of Jesus DNA and I am here to be heard.

In this last days, the light of Jesus will shine like a beacon to those who want to be saved. And I am getting ready, to go before him on there behalf. I have gained access to him, for I am his and he is mine.

The lioness will stand up and roar, and I am just that….


Church was here last night

Last night I worked it out, for church to be held in my home. So I could be there and receive from the Lord.

The last song, he grabbed hold of my voice and even though I was sitting, I sang and it was so good, I felt him grab my voice to another level.

I was so grateful, to him, because I felt he had his hand on me and happy that I was believing him, not anything else.

In his presence, he and I become ONE….

Thank God the Lord was with me..

Monday I kept thinking, I am not alone. When I was wheeled into the theatre room, it was so big, but felt so full.

After I realised the angels were all there for me, my body does not like any ascetic, vertigo kicked in and oh Lord.

But lucky I had an angel with me, my problem is keeping still. I want to do so much, but I have not behaved, so the result is all on me.

Appointment next week, I am keeping my mind on the finish line. I need this to be completed and done, so I can finally get on with what the Lord needs me to do.

I believe that all outcomes will be positive, but please if you feel the need, pray for me…

Thank you to those who have, god bless..

I feel a roar coming…

Lately, all I keep feeling is a roar, coming from deep within. A roar, from my father, it says, he is slow to anger, but also jealous.

He has a love for me that no one can deny, so I accept his word, I accept and receive my healing.

I will be here a very long time, to show others how it is done, how to fight past what is thrown at you. I have been trained and abused by the enemy, the idiot did Jesus a favour by this and I will not be shut down.

Only Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit can say enough, hear me and hear me well.

I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE, when I pray, I will receive the verdict from the courts of heaven. I will live a abundant life, full of joy, and I will show the world, what my father can do.

I will be the exception, not the rule….

I am so fired up

I am fired up not only because of my personal fight, but the fight of others. I know there is a point that they must fight for themselves.

But I will push, I want to live his word, after communion we say a declaration.

I had a dream that I could effect and transform an outcome, it was out in the world. People started yelling that I was a witch or possessed. I turned and said, yes by JESUS.

I accept this, why, because, its all his way, if you believe the word, that he gave you all power and authority, then why question it. I believe that I can and will, because I am his daughter.

I am the apple of his eye, I do not care anymore, for I live for him. I am his bride, I am his daughter, I am ALL IN….