I feel a roar coming…

Lately, all I keep feeling is a roar, coming from deep within. A roar, from my father, it says, he is slow to anger, but also jealous.

He has a love for me that no one can deny, so I accept his word, I accept and receive my healing.

I will be here a very long time, to show others how it is done, how to fight past what is thrown at you. I have been trained and abused by the enemy, the idiot did Jesus a favour by this and I will not be shut down.

Only Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit can say enough, hear me and hear me well.

I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE, when I pray, I will receive the verdict from the courts of heaven. I will live a abundant life, full of joy, and I will show the world, what my father can do.

I will be the exception, not the rule….


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