I am making sure I regret nothing

Today I sent a txt to my son, he has not been responding to me. Why, because the enemy is trying to break the connection. There is a veil over his eyes and his ears, pray with me they be removed and the truth be revealed.

Well, I am holding back nothing, Wednesday I saw the head of the team, yesterday I had an MRI, I asked to see this mass. I came home shocked at what I saw, I knew my symptoms but seeing it, had an effect, but not the one the enemy wanted I am sure.

My affect is, healing rain is falling down, I am not afraid. I will live a very long life, I choose to believe his word, for I am healed.

This is my father making a way for me to be married again, I have been single for 17 years because the pain is like shards of glass. This will be gone and all I can say is Hallelujah. I said to my friend that I feel like a caterpillar, finally coming out of its cocoon, I have hid behind my weight and my unflattering cloths, because I did not want to lead someone into false pretences. But I feel now, that I am allowed to loose the weight, to finally feel pretty and dress in clothing I love, instead of what I don’t. Freedom is coming for me and I receive with both hands.

If you know within yourself that something is not right, keep going back, keep pushing, because a doctors certificates states, they are certified to practice. God is the one in control, he is my chief surgeon, they know somethings, but not Gods miracles.

My children are miracles, I am a miracle and he knew me before I was in my mothers womb, regardless of how I got there. I sit here with peace and a smile on my face, because I trust him with my life.

He has a plan, and this is to show, how his trust will set you free…


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