I prayed for Donald…

I use to not like Donald because I joined in on what the world was saying, but I woke up and saw what and how the Lord is using him.

God’s garbologist is hard at work, I was shown today that peer pressure is not only at school. Bullies grow into adults and learn the sneaker way to reek havoc.

But the wise see them for what they are, so today I prayed, the Lord is using Donald to stand against that Kim, because he wants his people to be free and have a right to be heard.

Donald is the man, he has the balls to say to the world and stand for them to say, no I will not let you intimidate me, for I have the king of kings on my side and he is directing my path.

Finally I see someone like me, peer pressure at school, I confronted and shut it down. All it takes is you to be willing to say, NO WAY. My life is the destiny of Jesus plan and you have no POWER to say otherwise.

YAHOO, get empowered….


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