Break the pattern

In my life, there has been pattern’s that have followed me and it has been a battle to break them.

Why this has come to mind is not only watching the ancestry programs, but also from personal knowledge.

Sometimes we just mention it, or live with it, but I again urge you to break the pattern.

I use to go for the expensive things, or think that I had achieved nothing, unless I had the best or appeared that way. What a lie of the enemy that is, a very wise man said this to me recently and I always go by the thinking of, its not what they say, but what they are saying.

I have seen so many miss the message, by what, not paying attention.

Pattern’s broken bring not only you freedom, but your children and their children, the Lord doesn’t care what you have or have not. He wants YOU, he wants you to show what you really desire, him or money driven material objects.

That’s the key, they are only objects, not really anything worth anything at all, really.

It doesn’t matter if I look my best everyday, if I then ignore him. He doesn’t care, what I am wearing today, if I then don’t spend time with him.

He does not care, if your the most popular or have rich friends, again are you getting the message..


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