Where did I come from???

I was just chatting to someone and discussing family history, I am so different and have gifts that are beyond anyone’s comprehension.

But where did that come from, I can pick up anything and make it happen. Crochet, learnt at 5 just by watching my mum (cannot read a pattern to save my life). Design, inventions, cooking, landscape design etc.

Where in my linage did that come from? I am so far outside of the average, why?

I told my friend that I have this nagging voice to find out about my fathers, mother. Voices in my head about the sunshine harvest family and so much more. Is it true, what is my history.

I feel like I have been given the green light to find out, I want to know who else shared this DNA that runs so loud and strong.

Yes I am of my father, Jesus absolutely in every way now. But what about then, I need to shut this voice up and the only way is to research… this should be fun.

My heart has always been one of great care and love, but I have had to guard it. So many wanted to crush it when I was growing up. So who had this, who is like me and what did they do.

Having a gift about houses and plans and not being able to use it, it is like being a horse and not being able to run.

I need the key to unlock the road block and I think this is it, in part. Hmmm I am excited.


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