In Him is your safety

On Thursday night, I was coming back from a Christmas work dinner.

Well I was in the Australian country and I kept warning the city people to watch for kangaroos. How to warn them, you know they are dazzled by the headlights (they will come towards the light), dim the lights and honk the horn. Do not slam on the brakes just take your foot off the accelerator.

Well, I did not protect my words, for it says, you will have what you say, meaning your words have power.

Well someone had stopped on the other side of the road, I questioned why? So slowed down, had someone right up my butt (another car). Not more than a couple of metres here is a kangaroo, the guy must have hit it, because we use to look after baby roos when I was young. All I could think of was if this animal is in pain, looked lifeless, so I finished it. Got slightly air born, only was a young one, I call that a blessing. Kangaroo die of stress and its kinder, to assist the end, if it was still alive.

Playing it over in my head, he really took care of me, car bumper needs clips re-fixed, but other than that all OK.

I was shocked and couldn’t drive for a couple of days, a friend came out with me today. I have never killed anything bigger than a bug, all I kept thinking was how bad it could have been and I killed Skippy.

But in my father is my safety, in him I have my strength everything I have is within him, and I want to keep it that way.


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