Sometimes we think we have it, but we don’t

I have watched so often and seen my fathers work, I have seen people leave and then think they are doing better. I believe that my father lets you run, like having a rubber band tied to you.

Then eventually you have to be snapped back. When people leave and try the worlds way, it all seems so much harder.

They don’t want to wait anymore, they think they can do it better, often the answer is found out after years of anguish and hurt.

I said to someone yesterday, it’s OK if I am not to have another husband, because the Lord is all I want.

He is everything to me, nothing else can satisfy me and that is one comment that brings tears to my eyes because I love him so very much.

When they go, the veil is put back on and they are blinded, but it says in his word, trust me in all things and I will add unto you.

Where has all the trust gone, when things are delayed its our fault not his.



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