I am excited and nervous

It is really funny that sometimes I am so very confident, then others I am really shy.

It’s like I am at two opposite ends of the scale, but my confidence in my father is ever present. That is one thing that stays even and solid as you can think of.

As I type I am ever present of the words I use, for words have power.

I am really excited about my journey and destiny he has for me and I am nervous at the same time. Like an expectant child, opening a gift.

That is what my journey is like a gift given to me every moment I breath. Nothing compares to the wonder, the surprise and the sheer joy and love I feel for my dad.

My dad is three in one, Jesus, God and he Holy Spirit. You may remember I wrote what I experience as a little girl. And the demand I made, not knowing if it was true or not, but between me and him.

I demanded the day I heard my fathers voice, see that mole I demand and I know that as I just heard you that you can do it. I want three moles in a triangle a sign to me of you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

To this day, every time I see it. I am transported back to that day and how wonderful if I had known what I do now.

Trust in him with everything you have, accept everything that may happen as a gift that may hurt for a short while. But can be used by him who abides in you for greater things ahead.


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