As the sun shines

As for today the sun shines, after all the rain and the overcast weather, its glorious.

The same with my spirit, it shines, because my dad loves me. A few days ago, I said to the Holy Spirit, you do really great work. I felt a, aaawh shucks kind of moment, but I said, you really do, good work.

Sometimes we want so much, but never really take the time to say thank you.

I love it when I have a little moment with him, he laughs and I laugh. He is real, he is alive and he is truly my best friend.

I am his and he is mine, I told him last night he is my greatest love and it is so very true.

Most of my life I have felt a numbness when it comes to those close to me, I think I have trained myself so well, that nothing really got through. Protection was my greatest comfort.

But now, I need for that wall to come down, its really hard but trusting my dad, I know he can do the job.


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