The devil is a liar

So many times, I know the same thing is true.

The devil is a liar, who comes to kill, steal and destroy your life.

So what are YOU gonna do???

Fight for your life and the generations after you. We are in a time of great significance and we have the right and power to fight and take back what the enemy has stolen from us.

I am owed Millions of dollars, and by almighty God. I will get that back ASAP.

I am not going to feel sorry for myself or whine or whinge. Waste of time and effort, but fight call in the power of almighty God.

We deserve to have our inheritance now, I missed my worldly one, but I know again, what the devil has stolen (you devil) he must return 7 fold.

I declare and bind the work of the enemy over my life, I take back what has been stolen and I decree that all good things will come my way.

My father who I have surrendered too is my supply, yahoo.


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