Last night was awesome

We had a speaker last night and he felt so unworthy he was in tears, he was broken thinking he was not worthy to bring the message.

But that is exactly why he had to bring it, earlier in the day I was at their house we had a prayer session. What I keep honing in on is you have to be a good steward. Even in the little, I tend my little home and garden as unto the father. I am so thankful for everything he has given to me. For without him I wouldn’t want to even imagine.

It’s like when our female pastor said many moons ago, if you have the land but don’t prepare the ground for seed for the lord to bring rain, then how the heck are you going to get the harvest.

Know I take things literally sometimes because it helps get me moving. I looked at my backyard and thought right, veggie patch. As I plant for the crop, preparing the soil etc etc. I speak to the lord so as I prepare i pray as unto the spirit.

So often I see people just going through the motions, wake up and get going.

If you let the weeds grow you only have yourself to blame, if your winge because things aren’t going right then WHY maybe you have got off course. I know sometimes you try and talk to people and they answer yes yes I know blah blah. But they are not wanting to listen because they are trapped by their selfish needs.

Brutal but true


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