God is absolutely amazing…

I have been quiet of late and there is a reason for that. I am determined to let the Lord fix me. I am at the end of myself and I will have the victory.

But the Lord has been doing the impossible and I am so very grateful. All I had to do was give up and let it flow.

Sometimes I know that we get in our own way, but I am here to tell you that in God there is hope. You can never be too old, too young or not wise enough. Let me just say any excuse the devil throws at you, just trust in your father.

Remember no word from God is without power, use his words for then you will have good success.

We have in our church a declartion we read at the end and let me tell you, if you stand on it, it will come to pass.

Remember not to rush, in wisdom there is trust in his time and season.

And remember I said, something big was gonna happen. I can feel it being so close its almost tangible. I am so excited for what my father is about to do. 🙂


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