Another OMG moment – yahoo

So very excited, my last post was that, I feel change coming.

What was spoken about on Sunday, its time to CHANGE.

Oh Lord you could have knocked me off the chair, lol what a crack up.

I have spent time with the Lord, repenting, seeking him and what do I get, CHANGE.

One major thing that has come up that needs to change is, I graise like a cow all day.

Why? well when I was younger there wasnt that much food available at times. So when you had food you ate, and being the last, I had to eat fast or they would try to snatch mine.

So ever since, and only realising this in the last few days is, I was hoarding fat on my body for the next short fall. All I could say to myself is you idiot (I do mean this in a funny way, not serious). To make that realisation was HUGE and what did it, was the feeling of hunger, I remember once being so hungry it felt like my body was starting to feed off itself, right to the back bone.

So, I had the see food diet, see it and eat it. Madness I know, but until you at the end and realise, God cannot do much more.

I am consciously eating sensible, breakfast, make it count (you are breaking the fast) 1 slice of bread, if your hungry have 2. Morning tea, only if required, sometimes a drink is enough (water). Lunch feed the fuel, not the fat, same with afternoon tea and dinner.

Then stop, if hungry have a slice of cheese or something quick, a carrot maybe.

And the final, portion control, I lost the plot.

Yes I admit it finally, my mother use to serve us on a entree size plate. Notice how dinner plates are getting bigger?

Trying to stick with bread and butter plate, training my mind and body. Not letting the devils thoughts enter, that I need more.

Thank the Lord for this, because I needed pulling up..

Gracious isn’t he…


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